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2009-08-09 14:35:32 by MichiganPlateClock

How are you doing today.

Im Back.

2009-08-08 14:53:40 by MichiganPlateClock

I'll be reposting pretty much all my flashes back. The next Reuploads will be sherio stuff. I jsut need to get it on another computer.... gugggg

Edit: Everyone add me to portal buddies, if you want to be co'd on shit.

Im Back.

Two Youtube Videos And A Mother Fucking Crossfader

2009-08-06 22:10:35 by MichiganPlateClock

Two Youtube Videos And A Mother Fucking Crossfader

This is so fun. Just get songs, and mix them, If you have audacity you can even record them.

EDIT: White text.


2009-01-31 11:33:32 by MichiganPlateClock

i need to make a new geico flash... tyo lazy tho :(

I'm not the leader of the FFF, I haven't been on ng for a few months.

Despite What People Thing

Even after you are done reading this, and go away, it will always be staring deep into your soul.

The Money You Could Be Saving With Geico


2009-01-13 20:59:17 by MichiganPlateClock

Who has a pic of thr money you could be saving with geico?


2009-01-05 21:15:06 by MichiganPlateClock

^ that

Wade Deleted Me Guys

2009-01-05 20:55:04 by MichiganPlateClock

Yup, I was not even here for awhile thats pretty gay.

Well, I'm thinking of resubmitting my flashes, but I didn't save some of them :(, i'll need a full decompiler or shit.

So yeah, sup ^-^

Wade Deleted Me Guys