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2010-02-18 11:54:00 by MichiganPlateClock

i may be making flash again

im a faggot

now what will i do with my life :(

new post

2010-02-16 00:29:11 by MichiganPlateClock

im a faggot

my avatar and banner

2009-08-28 12:07:23 by MichiganPlateClock

are gay.


2009-08-25 09:58:57 by MichiganPlateClock


happy clock day

2009-08-15 10:46:03 by MichiganPlateClock

fffffffff ye

I see no me on the CC layout!!! :(

Hey Everybody

2009-08-12 16:27:48 by MichiganPlateClock

Hey everybody!

DONT SPAM!@!@!@1

2009-08-11 15:38:15 by MichiganPlateClock

On unrelated notes, i know that the banner is old, but i cant find the one with Sherio and Japanese that dont mean Fuck You Mother fucking Faggot. Im serious they dont.


To: Administrators and Staff of Newgrounds

For too long, the users of Newgrounds have had to view far too much spam in order to see those things which one actually wants to see. This spam is annoying, pointless, and a waste of Internet bandwidth. Many searches of the Flash Portal contain more spam than actual content. Groups of users exist, with the sole purpose of spamming the Portal with annoying and often obscene mockeries of the possibilities of Flash. Much of this spam contains epileptic seizure-inducing flashing, crudely done animation (crude by intention, rather than by lack of drawing ability or inexperience), use of phallic or scatological graphics, and sometimes direct requests to "Vote 5" when the author understands that there is no way that anyone, other than those who love spam (if such people even exist), would give a passing vote to their submission.

It is obvious, from the many comments on such videos as "Don't Mess With P-Bot", which contains a reference to the "blamming" (deletion) of a spam video, as symbolized by the mascot of a well-known spam group, that most Newgrounds users despise spam. People have remarked on it in comments for a while now, but now, NG Administrators, we the users have decided to refuse the spammers further access to our bandwidth and free time. In this spirit, and in the sacred Western tradition of petitioning the proper authorities for a redress of grievances, the undersigned viewers and users of Newgrounds hereby request the following:
* A section on Newgrounds FAQ about spam, and why it is impolite and inappropriate
* A rule againt repeated spamming of the Flash Portal, with punishments including the banning of IP addresses and/or deletion of the user accounts of frequent spammers
* Most importantly of all, the addition of "spam" as criteria for whistle-blowing, along with "malicious", "stolen", and "unsuitable"
Thank you for your time.


DONT SPAM!@!@!@1


2009-08-10 22:49:46 by MichiganPlateClock